Al bij de oprichting van SHIF in het najaar van 2018 was er een duidelijke wens: de stichting wil een ANBI status verkrijgen om zodoende het doen van giften aantrekkelijk te maken. 

Inmiddels is door de belastingdienst bevestigd dat stichting SHIF per 11-2-2020 kan beschikken over de ANBI-status. Donateurs kunnen vanaf heden hun giften aftrekken bij hun jaarlijkste belastingaangifte. 

De registratie is terug te vinden via deze link op de site van de belastingdienst. 


Onderstaande update hebben we van Frank Tamale ontvangen naar aanleiding van de gift van de Hofstee stichting en Aelbregstfonds aan Amazing Grace Community School. Het laat zien dat alle support welkom is maar ook dat we er nog lang niet zijn en er nog veel nodig is, we blijven ons inzetten voor dit mooie project.



On behalf of Amazing Grace Community School, we are so much thankful indeed for the support you rend to us; “We are humbled and so grateful”.

Due to your support, there is a relieve observed; Children are now sitting on desks, our teachers got some sits and most of all in bits by your support we managed to start up some classrooms, so now there is hope of a change that children and the community have started seeing. God bless you so much indeed for this love. However we have a request from you please, to help join us in effort to roof these classrooms at least in bits for so far have reached here; This will save our children from heavy started rains that hit them while in their temporary classes that are getting old. This will also save the structure from being weakened by heavy rains. In all, thank you so much indeed. Hope to hear from you dears.


Link Amazing Grace Community School




Jaarverslag SHIF 2019


Dankzij een gift van het Aelbrechtsfonds aren wij in staat om het project van Christian Wasula te ondersteunen. Christian is oprichter van Blessed Hill Community. Hieronder geeft hij een verantwoording van het bestede bedrag in een e-mail die wij van hem ontvingen inclusief enkele foto's


On behalf of the Blessed Hill Community, allow me to extend our Full happiness and thanks to you for the heartfelt arrangement to support us with the 2,222Euros (8,789,861 Uganda shillings (Ugx) This was such a big push to our school project in terms of equipment and other very important facilities. We thank you very much for enabling us to obtain a computer and the good quality printer/scanner and photocopier. We also got thirty quality timber desks that can accommodate a minimum number of 90 children. These are far different in quality from the desks we ever had since 2016. They are durable and can serve over ten years not like our first desks some of which have already broken down. I also got an opportunity to meet some of our teachers' salary debt of the previous term.

So, the 2,222 Euros was of help to us to purchase a computer (mobile/laptop because we have no power in our office). This will reduce our expenses on office work and children's examination costs each term and also help us to give extra tests to them for practice. Hence, I came up with the price list below:

Item Cost (USH)
Laptop computer 1.363.500
Printer 620.000
30 desks (a 76.000) 2.280.000
Salary earlier 430.000
Transportation 50.000
Iron sheet (a 40.000) 960.000
6 tables nursery (a 190.000) 1.140.000
6 tins of roof paint (a 76000) 456.000
Labour painting 500.000
kids chairs (a 16.500) 990.000

I am therefore grateful for your support and want to inform you that our classroom standard is improving and because the rusted roof is going to be painted green also.
May God's permanent blessings sorround you and the entire foundation.

Yours in charity,
Christian Wasula


Stichting Shif heeft een gift van € 1000,-- gekregen van de Hofstee Stichting. Dit geld zal worden doorgestuurd naar het project Amazing Grace Community van Frank Tamale. Afgelopen December was er nog een Nederlandse Delegatie bij Frank op bezoek. 

Kees en Ina Florusse op bezoek bij Amazing Grace Community